Built for travel

Proudly crafted with love

100% Sustainable

Create music wherever you go!

It’s compact size and unique sound makes it the perfect travel companion

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It’s the ultimate travel companion

We want to inspire people to travel with their music no matter where they go.

We all know music connects people. That’s why we designed the Yudelele. A lightweight handcrafted guitar, small enough to board a plane and loud enough to fill a concert.

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This is what makes Yudelele unique

It’s size resembles a ukulele, but it has 6 strings just like a regular guitar. Each one is inspired by a location in Bali giving them unique traits and sound.

  • Plane friendly, It’s that small!

    Small & light weight making it easy to fly with

  • Models for any playing style

    Bracing adapted for all styles of playing

  • Plug it in to an amplifyer

    Small but loud

  • 100% Hand built

    Between 90 - 200 hours of build time

  • Comes with a case

    That’s right, each Yudelele comes with a case!

Yudelele size chart

Leanna Rachel


I adore my Yudelele! The Ubud has a warm and uniquely vibrant sound, which makes it perfect for recording and performing.

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Travel friendly

Travel friendly

Take it on a plane

Hand crafted

Hand crafted

90 - 200h per guitar

100% Organic

100% Organic

All woods, glues & metal

Good cause

Good cause

Parts of profit goes to Bali