It’s not a guitar, It’s Yudelele

It’s not a ukulele either! The ultimate travel guitar; Yudelele takes its name from its creator Yude Andiko. Similar in size to the ukulele it has two extra strings, meaning it is played like a standard guitar although tuned a fourth higher.

After years of traveling Indonesia with his guitar, Yude realised that a smaller guitar would be beneficial as it would be easier to carry. He could play it in his hammock, on the train, bus, plane, or in the car when stuck in traffic. Yude went to work with craftsmen in his native Java and adopted home of Bali, creating sample after sample, testing them out on the road whilst perfecting the all round quality and the instruments unique timbre.


Nestled amongst the rice fields of Canggu on Bali’s west coast, the Yudelele workshop enjoys a spectacular vista. Here our talented guitar makers enjoy operating in a fairly traded environment. The workshop is open and breezy, our staff work regular hours and receive a very fair wage. Factory tours are available with Yude on request.

The Yudelele

This instrument is a labour of love, a product of years of research and development. Hand crafted by the finest wood carvers in Bali, each model produced is identified by an individual serial number. Yudelele is designed by a musician for musicians. All models have built in pizoe pickup, ebony fret board, maple wood inlay, cow bone nut and saddle creating a sturdy and full sound.

The perfect travel guitar; available with custom made lightweight and hard travel cases incorporating pandan leaves and batik in their design. Five versions are available; the Ubud, the Gili, the Jogja, the Bangko Bangko and the Canggu – each named and styled after the destinations which inspired and shaped its sound. Great for beginners, bohemians, children and chillers.