How do I tune my yudelele?

6th string: A
5th string: D
4th string: G
3rd string: C
2nd string: E
1st string: A

What kinda strings does yudelele?

Normal classic nylon strings. Your personal choice of normal or high tension can be used.

Does Yudelele play like a guitar?

Yes, the fingering chords are the same as on a guitar.

Where does the wood on a Yudelele come from?

The majority of our woods are native to Indonesia. We do source our spruce, cedar and pine from North America as are not grown in Indonesia.

How does wood on a Yudelele perform in different climates?

The woods used on Yudeleles is high quality instrument grade which has been kiln dried and treated in ensure that our instruments hold their structure. As with all musical instruments climate and environmental changes will affect them. In order to keep your Yudelele in good condition it is important to store it properly in a dry and safe place.

What material is the nut on a Yudelele?

Cow bone.

How many times do I have to change the strings?

For daily use and for best results it is recommended to change the strings every three months, more often for professional use.

What kind of pickups are used on a Yudelele?

Under saddle Piezo passive pickup.

Can I hand carry my Yudelele on the plane?


How heavy is a Yudelele?

On average Yudeleles weigh around 2.2 kg (4.8 lbs) without the case and 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs) with the case.

How big is a Yudelele?

Yudelele Guitar Ukelele Size Comparison Chart